Coming ready or not...

COMPETITIVE HIDE & SEEK IN THE 2020 OLYMPICS! - having just read in the Telegraph about a Japanese professor who has embarked on a campaign to get "competitive hide and seek" introduced for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, I am keen myself to see them also introduce COMPETITIVE MUSICAL STATUES.

Now this would of course be also followed by competitive events for PASS THE PARCEL, PIN THE TAIL ON THE DONKEY and that one where you pile up baking flour, put a coin on top and take turns to cut the flour away with a knife until the coin falls down!

Oh the spectators will enjoy paying extortionate entrance fees to see these...(sigh)


Too high & too bright...

DRIVING AT NIGHT SOME ONCOMING CAR LIGHTS ARE JUST TOO BRIGHT!  - mind you I'm sure they're set too high to boot.  Then every time the oncoming car hits a bump you get what appears to be a flash of lights and with newer upmarket cars having those very bright HID headlights I'm getting laser eye surgery free of charge whilst just trying to see where I'm going.

Now this would be bad enough but what about the idiot that's behind you and although they're half a mile away, those high intensity lights on full beam are just blinding in the rear view!  They dip them when they're up close I know but then just as before, every time the approaching car hits a bump you get what appears to be a flash of lights.

What a pain in the spectrum!


Get some focus...

PERHAPS I DO NEED SOME NEW SPECTACLES - I will admit to watching quite a few TV programmes from the likes of Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver, Nigel Slater and the others all about cooking and recipes, but the production companies on these need to have a good stiff talking to their camera production peeps! 

Please stop this general arty out of focus then pulled in to focus nonsense, it's doing my brain in! 

Technology these days surely must be good enough to keep focus all the time, so the camera person is obviously switching off the auto focus then!

...and while we're on the subject, those close up probably hand held wobbly seconds of what's in the mixing bowl and such like...then trying to keep the chef in the frame and in focus while they move from counter to fridge/oven and back, you know who you are, sort it out!



READ A CAMERA REVIEW RECENTLY? - I used the internet to read up on some kit the otherday and looked through some comments from owners/users of the particular cameras I was interested in.  Very useful but wait, what's all this drivel at the bottom of some of the individual comments...

Canon 7D + grip, Canon 7N + grip
Samyang 8mm f3.5, 14mm f2.8, 24mm f1.4, 35mm f1.4 and 85mm f1.4, Pentax Takumar SMC M42 50mm f1.4 and 135mm f2.5 Yongnuo 468 flash

P-lease!  So I'm to take you more seriously if you list what kit you say you own right down to the fact that your 7D has a battery grip attached to it!

It's astonishing how some people believe that because you say you own a great long list of kit this makes you some kind of expert!  Look at me it says...I believe I'm important!

I read a computer review just after, and it's the same there right down to the fact they've got 2 DVD drives and a Zalman fan wee! 

Asrock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 | i7-2700K @ 4.6ghz | 8GB 1600 | 6990 + 6950 CF 7 HDD & Crucial RealSSD M4 128GB | 2 DVD±RW Drives | Blu-Ray Rewriter | Zalman ZM-MFC2 Multi Fan Controller | Corsair AX1200 1200w | Win 7 64bit Samsung 46" 3d tv | HAF-X | Samsung S III phone...

What a bunch of numpties....


Wife x1 + x2 children, mortgage, x2 cars (one big, one small), mother-in-law, dualit toaster 4 slot manual, lawnmower 230v orange, garden shed 6x8, kitchen sink (double), cuddly toy, short fuse, pained expression.... 



WHAT HAPPENED TO MEGA OR AWESOME? - I find it difficult to understand this current obsession by people being interviewed by the media at the moment, and just in normal conversation come to that, with the repeated use of the word "amazing".

Yes use it once, but repeatedly in the same breath...p-lease!

It's amazing or he/she was amazing, or they were just amazing!

Pronounced [uh-mey-zing]  Adjective [causing great surprise or sudden wonder] 

This would be Ok if say an unknown athlete without previous form performed out of character and managed an Olympic Medal perhaps, but how can it apply to, for example Tom Daley, he's expected to achieve based on previous performance and does...

I suspect word use such as this is no doubt derived from the across the pond....

Give it a rest!


DIY Repair Plates & Brackets...

WITH SCREWS I DON'T WANT - Popped in to Wickes to get a pack of simple repair plates today.  You know the sort of thing you can use where you want to repair a corner of a window frame for example, or the corner of a wooden box.  They're a sort of quick fix screw on right angle bracket arrangement.

Yes they had packet after packet of all different sorts, 150mm straight plates with 4 countersunk screw holes pre-drilled, 75mm x 75mm right angle corner plates again with countersunk screw holes pre-drilled, and many other designs in galvanised steel, brassed metal etc., etc.

However every packet included a little packet of screws.  I don't want the included screws.

So on to B&Q opposite...exactly the same there too!

Now far be it from me to suggest that Wickes and B&Q are clairvoyant and they know what I will be using these repair plates for and what I will be fixing them to, but the screws included look like they are 20 x 3 CSK wood screws and I really don't want them. 

But all the repair plate packets on display have these screws included!

This wouldn't be suggesting that this will save Mr / Mrs Average buying screws separately, or would it be a way of justifying an extra £1 on the packet price because "aren't we good we've included the screws you need to fit these Sir"....


M25 Junc 25 to A127...

YES 4 LANES NOW - You would think that the M25 would have got better with 4 lanes now from the A10 towards the A127 wouldn't you?  More room and less eventful journeys?
So would I until I drove down to Dartford last week. 

There's idiots now driving slow and sticking in both lane 2 AND lane 3!

They've now got an extra lane to dawdle along in and force the rest of us to go from lane 1 to lane 4, and back again to get round them! 

If you're one of the drivers who think that sticking in lane 2 when the traffic in lane 1 is a full mile ahead and you will be overtaking sometime in the near future...please wake up!  

That goes for you lane 3 drivers doing the same!


Bottomless chips...

UNLIMITED SALAD WOULD BE BETTER - I continue to hear Beefeater promotions referring to "bottomless chips" with their menu meals. 

Irresponsible or what?  With obesity being warned by the NHS being at a high in both children and adults is this really the way to go or even to be associated with given the health profile.

It would make more sense to offer unlimited salad as Pizza Hut are currently doing, but then kids don't eat that much salad do they, but put a plate of chips on the table and keep them coming!

We all know chips aren't that good for are these particular bottomless chips mega low in saturated fat etc., etc.? I don't think so, do you?  Come on!

The concept isn't new though as restaurants in the USA have been at this for a while.  Hmm...and look what's going on over there obesity-wise!


Just nuts...

STATING THE OBVIOUS - I picked up some "monkey nuts" from the supermarket recently, you know the roasted in their shells sort of thing.

I was amazed at the label that said, "Ingredients: monkey nuts, Warning: may contain nuts"

I blooming hope that the bag contains nuts.  It's also amazing that the peanut butter purchased at the same time also has a warning label stating that the peanut butter also contains peanuts!

Now none of the above is new news, but isn't about time we stopped this ridiculous labelling which seems to be done just to fall in line.  Surely if it's for allergy reasons, then sufferers won't be buying roasted peanuts and peanut butter anyway! So who is it for?

Incidentally the 4 pint bottle of milk, didn't have a "warning" on it that it contained milk, or the mayonnaise have a "warning" that it contained egg.  They both were content with stating the obvious ingredients.


Fishless Fingers...

HOW CAN THIS BE - I've seen it all now, what with veggie burgers and sausages that look exactly like burgers and sausages, we now have FISHLESS FINGERS! 

A fish finger looks like a fish finger because it is, so why does a fishless finger look the same?

Some cobblers on the TV advertising saying because of low fish stocks, fishless fingers (made from quorn) are now available.  Low fish stocks?...didn't the marketing execs watch the documentaries recently from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall?  Do me a favour p-lease!

Most vegetarians I know eat some fish, so who is this product aimed at?  Surely not mums and dads who want to encourage their kids to go vegetarian without the kids realising it...

What will be next...crab sticks with no crab in them?  Yes yes yes OK I know these exist.... 


Dulux Trade Gloss just isn't the same anymore...

VOC 2010 RULES - these have seen a good paint become less than acceptable! 

I bought 5 litres of brilliant white trade gloss recently, opened the tin and was greeted rather than with the usual tan oil film I expected, a blue/grey wishy washy film and paint that was so thin I thought about taking it back to the Dulux decorating centre and changing it for something else.

I've used Dulux trade white gloss for years and found it very good so I thought I'd give it a go anyway...blooming awful!  Coverage was poor as it was so thin with drips/runs plentiful. 

At £37 a tin this isn't right!....

However after half an hour of thinking about it, I gave it a good mix, then left the lid off overnight.  It skinned but the paint thickened up a bit.  I removed the skin, and gave it a good stir, then left it for another 24 hrs with the lid off.  I removed the skin again, gave it a stir and it seemed to go on a bit better.  You really shouldn't have to do all this!

Mind you, it took an age to fully dry so I could rub down the first coat...and I've heard it yellows quicker than the old white gloss even with the trade undercoat.

New EU / environmental rules involved with this no doubt...might have guessed!


eBay private listing - bidders' identities protected...

NOW THIS REALLY IRRITATES ME - how can you tell if you're being strung along and the seller for example is bumping the price up. 

Evidently the advice from the ebay forum is along the lines of "if you don't like it, don't bid".

So why I ask myself, do sellers really need this, because I can't see the point?  The ebay user name is doctored for example D****5, so you can't really tell who it is?

It's about time ebay did something because it's put me off bidding on some items that I would have normally jumped at. 


Oi granddad...

CLOSE SHAVE - pulled in to a car park at the local McDonalds and nearly had a head-on with a Mini coming out at 60mph.  The driver a young spotty youth must have wet himself as I was driving a Discovery. 

His face was a picture, white and drained, then rosy red in matter of seconds, and his mates in the car were all holding on and leaning backwards.

All he could say through an open window was "Oi grandad, watch where you're going!" obviously still trying to impress his mates.

We waved good bye to him, and he waved good bye to us with two fingers, then he left the car park at warp speed obviously learning nothing...

Why is it young male drivers always seem to have to prove something to their mates with their driving skills because I'm fed up with high insurance rates caused by these idiots driving badly and causing accidents. 


Galloway's cough syrup...

WHEN DID THIS DISAPPEAR? - all the local pharmacies and big stores including Tesco, Sainsburys etc., don't do it any more.  I like this stuff, it's tastes good (OK a bit too good if I'm honest) and more's the point it works!

Discontinued by the manufacturer evidently and removed from the shelves.  Shame.  Something about it may have been dangerous if given to younger children?

I was given Galloway's as a child, and I have had no problems.  Perhaps it's effect has led to premature grumpiness!

I added it to my "wish list" on Amazon...optimistic yes but you never know!

Also did a search on Google to see if anywhere had some...OK awaste of time, however I did find Bladnoch 18 Year Old - Belted Galloway Label malt whisky...I'll try that then!


OK, yes, in a minute...I heard the first time...

WHY IS IT? - when I make breakfast, get the toast on the table and I call my wife, once, then twice, even a third time to tell her "it's on the table and getting cold" only to be told from a distance in a loud voice, "OK, yes, what's all the fuss about, I heard you the first time!" 

"Well you've got cold toast now" I respond.   "OK yes, in a minute" she says.

Cold toast that's soggy with Outline spread can't be that attractive to eat?  Can it? 
I suppose given the amount of times this has happened, she's now got a taste for it then?

Mind you it's a bit different then when she's cooked and dinner is on the table, and I'm called. 

If I'm a few seconds late....ITSA (in the shite again)



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